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Protesters listening to US Rep. Ilhan Omar at Bottineau ParkUS Rep. Ilhan Omar speaking at Bottineau ParkBudget for the city you love, not the city you fear.Junauda Petrus reading from her poem, Can We Please Give the Police Department to the Grandmothers?Woman watching demonstrationProtesters march past the Minneapolis police union offices.Organizer and protesters.Defund the PoliceWoman chanting.A New Black City dancer leads the crowd.New Black City dancersI understand that I will never understand ...University and 3rd avenues.East Hennepin AvenueOrganizers called people of color to move to front.Crowd parted to make way for people of color to go up front.People of color after moving to the front.Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey called to front. He said he didn't support abolition of police dept.