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Eagle, St. Anthony Village 1Eagle with red squirrelEagle with red squirrel (tail)Coopers Hawk St. Mary's CemeteryCoopers Hawk on Frosty DayRed-Tailed Hawk Diving Sept 2021Red-Tailed Hawk Diving Wide Sept 2021Red-Tailed Hawk Sept 2021Red-Tailed Hawk on postDSC_8557 copyJuvenile EagleJuvenile Bald Eagle with BranchJuvenile Eagle in FlightFluffy Butt Great-horned OwletGreat-horned OwletGreat-horned Owl Sleeping AdultRed-tailed Hawk and Squirrel 1Red-tailed Hawk & Squirrel 2Red-tailed Hawk and Squirrel 3Red-tailed Hawk and Squirrel 4