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AmbushBugsMatingReservoirWoods 07-29-22 1ReservoirWoods 07-29-22 2ReservoirWoods 07-29-22 3ReservoirWoods 07-29-22 4ReservoirWoods 07-29-22 1 5ReservoirWoods 07-29-22 6Backyard 07-27-2022 1Backyard 07-27-2022 2Backyard 07-27-2022 3Backyard 07-27-2022 4The victim the next morning (07-28)The well-fed predator the next morning (07-28)Back to stealth mode. (07-28)Ambush bug with bee and mite 1Ambush bug with bee and mite 2Ambush bug drops beeAmbush bug nymph lurkingLurking 2Nabbed a fly!